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Should You Get a Traditional Bed or a Space-Saving Alternative?

Small homes are becoming more popular as people downsize and as property prices in many parts of the country increase. Whether you have a tiny cottage, house, or apartment, if you live in a small space, you may be looking for ways to live comfortably with fewer pieces of furniture. One way to save space is to combine seating and sleeping areas. If you are considering replacing a traditional bed with a sofa bed or comfort sleeper, there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself:

1) How much privacy does your home offer?

If you have a studio apartment or an open-concept space, it can be awkward to have people visit only to have your bed clearly visible from where you entertain. Privacy screens are one solution – provided you have the room for them. Another option is to have a sleeping area and a seating area in one. Comfort sleepers and other forms of fold-away beds are now just as comfortable as traditional beds, and give you lots of choices in terms of mattress types and sizes. A comfort sleeper lets you entertain and have an area for sleeping that does not get in the way of entertaining.


2) How much space do you really have?

Both beds and sofas are important for your home, but both take up a lot of room. If you have very little space, combining a sleeping area and sitting area by getting a comfort sleeper, sofa bed, Murphy bed, or an alternative can save you a lot of room. You can find a range of sleeper sofas at Sleepers in Seattle. Getting a sleeper sofa can mean more room for clothes, bookshelves, and other things you want in your home.


3) What are your needs in terms of seating and sleeping?

Do you need a huge sectional sofa because you have big groups of friends over? Do you need a special mattress because you have back problems? Do you need a larger queen or king size bed because you are tall – but have little room in your home for both a sofa and a larger bed? Carefully consider whether combining your sleeping and seating areas will give you what you need. If you decide that sleeper sofas are what you need, has a handy buying guide to get you started.

4) How much time do you have to set up your sleeping areas and sitting areas each day?

If you have a sofa bed, you will need to spend a few extra minutes each day dismantling and setting up your sleep area. In this situation, you may want to opt for a comfort sleeper because you can simply keep your blankets and linens in the sofa when you fold it back up – there are no springs that will harm your sheets. Still, you will need time to set up and fold your comfort sleeper up.

5) How important are separate sleeping and seating areas for you?

For some people, having a separate bedroom area and a separate living room area are really important – even if it means having less space for other items. If separate areas are really important to you, it’s important to figure that out before you ditch your bed for good.


Are you ready to give up your bed and replace it with a comfort sleeper or another option that saves you tons of space? Give yourself some time to consider the idea – it may be one solution for a tiny home.

Sample Studio Apartment Layout

Top 5 Bedding Options for a Studio Apartment

When most people think of a studio apartment, they think of cramped quarters and little floorspace. Fortunately, if you know how to choose and arrange the right furniture, your studio unit can feel spacious and homey. In order to achieve a stylish and comfortable home inside your studio, here are five great bedding options that will allow you to optimize the room that you have.

#1: Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas are one of the best space-savers available for residents of studio apartments.

Sleeper sofas

The great news is that sofa beds are not what they used to be. Today’s sleeper sofas are built for optimal comfort and come in a wide range of traditional to modern styles so that they will compliment your space, rather than act as an eyesore. Regardless of how big or small your particular unit is, the variety and versatility of sofa beds makes it easy to find the best match for your needs. You may consider options such as:

  • Love Seat/Queen Sized Sofa Bed – Incorporating one of these sofa sizes into your apartment is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you have a seating solution, but you will also have a comfortably-sized full or queen bed that can sleep 1-2 people.

Queen size sleeper sofas

  • Sectional Sleeper or Chaise-Lounge – Bigger studio units will look great with a sectional or chaise-lounge sofa sleeper. These furniture pieces will provide ample seating for guests, give your unit a modern look, and keep you comfortable so you can get a good night’s sleep

Sectional Sleeper Sofas

  • Chair Sleeper – Although you may not want to sleep on a twin-sized bed every night, a chair sleeper is a great way for you to keep your overnight guests comfortable. The chair can be incorporated into your seating arrangement during the day and accommodate visitors as needed.

Chair Sleepers

#2: Murphy Bed

If you want to completely conceal your bed, a Murphy bed may be your best bet. Depending on the brand that you select, these hideaway beds can either fold out from a wall or down from your ceiling, or even appear as a cabinet or shelving unit when folded up.

Murphy Bed or Wall Bed

In fact, these beds can add a great deal of contemporary style and flair both when in the concealed and open positions. Be aware, however, that some Murphy beds will require structural alteration to your unit, so don’t get your heart set on such a bed without clearing it with your landlord or apartment manager first!

#3: Tri-Fold Mattress

For a really compact sleeping solution, you may consider a tri-fold mattress.

Tri Fold Mattress

This Japanese-style method of sleeping is easy to pack up and hide away in a closet when not in use and comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses so that you can rest comfortably when you need to.

For those individuals who prefer to sleep in a non-conventional manner, without a bed frame, the tri-fold mattress is an extremely low-cost solution, without the bulk of a traditional mattress taking up space in your unit. It is possible, however, to purchase a tri-fold bed frame that is shaped as a lounge chair and can double as seating during the day.

Tri Fold Bed Frame

Be mindful that this particular sleeping arrangement can only accommodate one person so is not the wisest investment for couples. A tri-fold mattress is a very cost-savvy and convenient way to provide guest accommodations, regardless of which sleeping solution you select for yourself.

#4: Lofted Bed

Take a lesson from the modern dorm room and incorporate a loft bed into your apartment. You can even find a lofted queen-sized frame that is perfect for couples, or even single individuals who just like to have more space.

Loft Bed

Don’t like the idea of climbing a ladder? No problem. Many of these beds now include stairs, making it easier for you to get to the comfort of your mattress when you’re ready to go to sleep. If you like, you can create a living room area underneath of your bed.

An especially smart idea is to place a futon or sleeper sofa beneath the loft as your seating solution which can also double as a guest bed. You could also use the space beneath the loft as an office or breakfast nook. And you can even select stylish lofts that come with a built-in walk-in closet underneath.

#5: Regular Bed

If your space allows for it, you can also employ a regular bed in your studio unit. A great way to make make your apartment look more homey and spacious is to create the illusion of separate “rooms”.

Regular bed in a studio apartment with space dividers

Strategically placed cubbies, shelving units, or partition walls can allow you to create a bedroom that is private from your living areas so that it feels like you’re in a regular apartment instead of a studio.

Studio apartment bedding solutions with dividers

Happy furniture shopping!

Avoiding Backaches By Choosing Your Sleeper Well

When you are looking for a sleeper sofa, it is important to find one that is comfortable in both the sofa and sleeper positions. If the design of the sofa was not carefully considered by the manufacturer, then it can cause unnecessary aches and pains.

But, you can avoid backaches by choosing your sleeper well. To help you find a quality sleeper sofa, there are a few features to look for:

Choosing a Quality Mattress

The standard mattress for a sleeper sofa is a coil mattress. This is the type of mattress that most often causes the severe aches and pains, joint stiffness and very restless night of sleep, associated with many sleeper sofas. Therefore, if you are looking to avoid back aches, it is best to avoid coil mattresses.


Other mattress choices for sleeper sofas are memory foam and urethane foam. This type of mattress is not too hard or too soft and gives your body the support it needs by molding to your specific body type. Since it evenly distributes and supports your body weight, it helps to eliminate back, hip, neck and shoulder pain. Furthermore, this mattress effectively separates you from the underlying bars of the sleeper.

Choosing a Sofa with Excellent Support and Comfort

The comfort level of a sofa goes hand in hand with the great support it provides. Therefore, the sleeper sofa you choose should offer excellent back support when it is in the sofa set-up position. The sofa should be built with solid, supportive materials that enable you to keep your back in an upright position, without adding strain or tension.

The material should also prevent you from “sinking” into the cushions. Sofas that are too soft can cause you to sink, which can put considerable pressure on your hips and lower back. With the right firmness level, you should be able to stand and sit easily, without exerting yourself. Since each person has a unique built, it is best to research different levels of firmness in order to find the sleeper sofa that best fits you.

In addition, make sure that you choose a sleeper sofa that has comfortable fabric. For maximum comfort, the fabric should allow you to relax, without having to toss around because you are uncomfortable.

Who Makes The Best Sleeper Sofas?

Today almost all companies that manufacture sofas have sleeper sofa options as well. However there are some that are known for the exceptional quality of their sleepers and good balance of price/value:

What is the Best Place to Buy Good Sleepers Online?

If you need a sleeper sofa that is easy on your back and is really high quality make sure you first check these stores: